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BPH Pump and Equipment is a full service distributor of industrial pumps. If your fluid handling needs require metallic pumps, aluminum pumps, plastic pumps, polypropylene pumps, fluid o tech pumps, sanitary diaphragm, food grade diaphragm pumps or universal pumps, we can help. We have industrial pumps for all types of uses, including chemical processing, chilling, cosmetics, filtration, food processing, high pressure, high viscosity, mixing, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, powder and sanitary. We make the entire process of purchasing, installing, and maintaining industrial pumps easy and trouble-free. Whether it's troubleshooting, start up, fabrication, repair, or perhaps simple no-nonsense advice, we are your industrial pump specialists. Other brands we offer include Waukesha pumps, Waukesha parts, Murzan pumps and Murzan pump parts. Call for more information.


Industrial Pumps

  • Ampco Pumps - Stainless steel centrifugal pumps for sanitary, marine and industrial uses.

  • BJM Pumps - Submersible shredder pumps and slurry pumps for your heavy duty needs.

  • Oberdorfer - Stainless steel gear pumps for tank operations, filtering and cooling needs.

  • Cat Pumps - Ceramic plunger pumps for car washes, cleaning and other high pressure needs.

  • Price Pumps - Air operated diaphragm pumps and centrifugal pumps suited for a variety of uses.

  • Flux Pumps - Stainless steel drum pumps and pump motors for container fluid-handling needs.

  • Webster Pumps - Immersible pumps suited for fuel and petrochemical uses (plastic, polypropylene, PVF)

  • Yamada Pumps - High performance air-operated diaphragm pumps good for purity and powder uses.

  • Hypro Pumps - High pressure forged brass plunger pumps suited for the car wash industry.

  • Jabsco Pumps - Rotary lobe pumps and flexible impeller pumps for marine, industrial and hygienic use.

  • Lutz Pumps - Seal-less drum pumps and motors suited for a variety of chemical handling uses.

  • Hayward Pumps - Energy efficient swimming pool pumps for in ground and above ground use.

  • Iwaki Pumps - Centrifugal pumps ideal for chemical handling (polypropylene, plastic, Teflon coated)

  • Novaflex - Hoses, flexible ducts and dry break couplings for a variety of industrial uses.

Iwaki MDM 1516 ANSI Run Dry Mag Drive Pump 3HP
I1-MDM-1516 ECF-3HP

Yamada KPL-24

Yamada Flapper Pump

BJM GF 32-9 Perfecta Submersible Slurry Pump

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