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Powder Pumps

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Sometimes industrial pumps are needed that can handle solid materials as well, not just liquids. BPH Pumps carries many pumps, which are ideal for powder applications in addition to fluid handling. For the processing, transferring, unloading and mixing of powders, we have the high-quality pumps that offer high-performance in these types of applications.

Some of the industrial pumps designed to process powders include rotary lobe, metallic and positive displacement pumps. We carry these types of pumps from industry-leading manufacturers. Browse our large selection of rotary lobe, positive displacement and metallic pumps designed for processing powders below.

Model #: NDP-40BSC-NPT
Model #: NDP-40BSN-NPT
Model #: NDP-40BSE-NPT
Model #: NDP-40BSH-NPT
Model #: NDP-40BSS-NPT
Model #: NDP-40BSV-NPT
Model #: NDP-40BST-NPT
Model #: NDP-40BFC
Model #: NDP-40BFN
Model #: NDP-40BFE
Model #: NDP-40BFH
Model #: NDP-40BFS
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