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PLEASE NOTE: We Do Not Do Marine Sales Or Pressure Washer Sales


We at BPH realize that you often need more than the traditional pump in a box. You have a fluid handling problem that requires a specific solution. That’s where BPH comes in.

From concept to construction, we handle the design, fabrication, testing, and troubleshooting. We’ll be there for start-up. The equipment will work. Your problem will be solved. We’ll increase your efficiency and reduce your costs.

Our Systems Engineering Department is ready to handle your needs:

  • Fluid Dynamics/Hydraulic calculations especially for complicated piping arrangements or fluids that don’t behave like water.
  • Skid or cart mounted equipment
  • Motors, gear-reducers, couplings
  • Motor Controllers
  • Process controllers with inputs such as flow, pH, conductivity, or level.
  • Environmental needs such as explosion-proof
  • Regulatory needs such as 3A, UL, USDA, FDA, EHEGE.
  • Piping and wiring
  • Complete testing prior to testing
  • Documentation

If you have a good idea what your requirements are, simply click on the link below, and download our “Pump Applications” as either a PDFdocument or an Excel® spreadsheet. Complete the information as best you can and fax it back to us at 847-543-8391. Or, simply call us at 888-289-8787 and talk to our System Engineering Department. We’re not the kind of company to insist on a perfectly completed form. Fax or call us. Either way, you’ll get the help you need.

Pump Application - PDF
Pump Application - Excel Spreadsheet