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Finish Thompson Pumps

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Finish Thompson Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of industrial duty, corrosion resistant, chemical process pumps, drum and barrel pumps, solvent and engine coolant recyclers. FTI products are manufactured on site in Erie, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. and marketed worldwide through an international network of stocking distributors.

Centrifugal Magnetic ETFE-lined Multi-Stage and Drum

From its beginning in 1951 as a designer and builder of custom decorating equipment, to its current position as a growing supplier of fluid transfer pumps and recycling systems for the fluid handling and environmental markets, Finish Thompson has proven to be highly intuitive in projecting and reacting to changing market demands.

Finish Thompson Inc. has positioned itself both structurally and philosophically to quickly react to customer demands and changes in the dynamic markets its serves to assure continued, profitable growth.

Finish Thompson VKC6P12CVVN305C19

Finish Thompson Magnetic Drive Pump (Magnetic Centrifugal Pump) 1/3 HP 60 HZ 115-230 V

Model #: VKC6P12CVVN305C19
Finish Thompson VKC6P12CVVN305C20

Finish Thompson Mag Drive Pump 1/3 HP 3450 rpm 3ph 50-60 hz 230-460V

Model #: VKC6P12CVVN305C20
Finish Thompson VKC6P12CVVN305C02

Finish Thompson DB Series Magnetic Drive Drum Pump 1/2 hp 2450 rpm 1 ph 60 hz 115-230V

Model #: VKC6P12CVVN305C02
Finish Thompson VKC6P12CVVN305C03

Finish Thompson Drum Pump (Vertical Centrifugal Pump) 1/2 hp 3450 rpm 3 ph 50-60 hz 220-460V

Model #: VKC6P12CVVN305C03
Finish Thompson VKC6P12CVVN305C08

Finish Thompson Centrifugal Pump (Plastic Drum Pump) 1/2 hp 3450 rpm 3 ph 50-60 hz 230-460V

Model #: VKC6P12CVVN305C08
Finish Thompson VKC6V12CVVN305C08

Finish Thompson DB Series Plastic Mag Drive Pump 1/2 hp 3450 rpm 3 ph 50-60 hz 230-460V

Model #: VKC6V12CVVN305C08
Finish Thompson VKC6V12CVVN305C03

Finish Thompson Plastic Drum Pump 1/2 hp 3450 rpm 3 ph 50-60 hz 220-460 v

Model #: VKC6V12CVVN305C03
Finish Thompson VKC6V12CVVN305C02

Finish Thompson Plastic Mag Drive Pump 1/2 hp 3450 rpm 1 ph 60 hz 115-230V

Model #: VKC6V12CVVN305C02
Finish Thompson VKC6V12CVVN305C20

Finish Thompson Magnetic Drive Centrifugal Pump 1/3 hp 3450 rpm 3 ph 50-60 hz 230-460v

Model #: VKC6V12CVVN305C20
Finish Thompson VKC6V12CVVN305C19

Finish Thompson Magnetic Drive Drum Pump 1/3 hp 3450 rpm 1 ph 60 hz 115-230 v

Model #: VKC6V12CVVN305C19
Model #: VKC6V12CVVN315C02
Model #: VKC6V12CVVN315C03
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