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Aluminum Pumps

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Aluminum pumps offer excellent resistance to corrosion and deterioration, ideal for marine, water treatment, desalination and filtration applications. Aluminum pumps are designed to handle high capacity flow rates, offering high performance for years of use. Aluminum pumps feature alloy construction that resists erosion from saltwater, wastewater and chemicals. The alloy pumps work by the drive of a high-powered engine to process liquids.

Aluminum Pumps: Industrial Applications

The long life of aluminum pumps and consistency offer superior performance for chemical plants, water treatment plants and marine industries. Aluminum pumps can remove flood and/or wastewater, fill ponds, and be used in many different type of tank operations. From reverse osmosis to pumping raw water, aluminum pumps are dependable for numerous demanding applications. Browse our selection of aluminum pumps from manufacturers like Hypro and Oberdorfer Pumps.

Model #: NDP-15BAN
Model #: NDP-15BAH
Model #: NDP-15BAS

Air inlet (includes ball valve): 1/4" Female NPT Air exhaust (inteer): 3/8" Female NPT Air Supply Pressure (All Models) 20–100 PSI (1.4–7 kfg/cm) Maximum Dry Suction Lift Flat-type check valve: 8-feet Ball-type check valve: 5-feet

Model #: NDP-15BAT
Model #: NDP-20BAC
Model #: NDP-20BAN
Model #: NDP-20BAE
Model #: NDP-20BAH
Model #: NDP-20BAS
Model #: NDP-20BAV
Model #: NDP-20BAT
Model #: NDP-20BAN-1S
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