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Oberdorfer Rotary Centrifugal Pumps

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Oberdorfer has been manufacturing high-quality, reliable gear, centrifugal, rubber impeller, and chemical resistant pumps for more than 100 years. These industrial pumps can handle a wide range of liquids and have a high temperature range to best serve even the most demanding applications. With advanced technologies, Oberdorfer pumps operate quietly and efficiently for a large storage tank or small holding tank alike.

Gear and Centrifugal Impeller Chemical

Oberdorfer pumps are used across many industries, including agricultural, industrial and chemical processing industries. These long-lasting centrifugal and impeller pumps have been depended on since 1890, and Oberdorfer pumps can be customized to meet exact specifications. High-quality and reliable, Oberdorfer impellers are ideal for a wide range of applications. Browse our wide selection of Oberdorfer pumps below.

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Model #: N991RS5
Model #: N992-01
Model #: N992R-01
Model #: N992R-02
Model #: N992RES5
Model #: N992RS5
Model #: N992RS5-01
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