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Polypropylene Pumps

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Polypropylene pumps are specifically engineered to handle corrosive chemicals such as acids, alkalis, solvents and the like. Polypropylene pumps are thus used for chemical processing, water treatment, plating applications and more. These pumps also feature high capacities and high efficiencies, providing solutions to many application requirements.

Polypropylene Pumps Handle the Most Corrosive Fluids

Polypropylene pumps are corrosion-resistant, making them commonly utilized in the dye, chemical processing, food, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and oil industries. Polypropylene pumps feature rugged construction and can be used for both intermittent and semi-continuous fluid applications. Browse our selection of polypropylene pumps here.

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Model #: NDP-50BVE-PP
Model #: NDP-50BVH-PP
Model #: NDP-50BVS-PP
Model #: NDP-50BVV-PP
Model #: NDP-50BVT-PP
Model #: NDP-80BPC
Model #: NDP-80BPN
Model #: NDP-80BPE
Model #: NDP-80BPH
Model #: NDP-80BPS
Model #: NDP-80BPV
Model #: NDP-80BPT
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