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Plastic Pumps

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Plastic pumps feature the chemical resistance properties different than those of metallic pumps. They can be more cost-effective options for fluid processing. Plastic pumps PTFE, TEFLON, PVDF KYNAR, Polypropylene, Groundable Acetal, Glass Filled Nylon are also more lightweight and thus more portable than their metallic counterparts. The plastic pumps also prevent liquid contamination. In magnetic drive pumps specifically, plastic construction is far more efficient.

Plastic Pumps: Consider Fluid Requirements

As with all pumps, it is important to consider what types of fluids the plastic pumps will be handling. Plastic pumps have many benefits, but there are a few downsides to using these products. Plastic pumps are less impact resistant than alloy pumps and have limited pressure ratings. However, plastic pumps can handle both lower and higher temperature requirements. Browse our plastic pumps that are ideal for the food, chemical and sanitary industries.

Model #: VKC6V12CVVN315C02
Model #: VKC6V12CVVN315C03
Model #: VKC6V12CVVN315C06
Model #: VKC6V12CVVN315C07
Model #: VKC6V12CVVN315C08
Model #: VKC6P12CVVN315C08
Model #: VKC6P12CVVN315C07
Model #: VKC6P12CVVN315C06
Model #: VKC6P12CVVN315C03
Model #: VKC6P12CVVN315C02
Model #: VKC6HP12CVVN385C02

1/2 hp 3450 rpm 50-60 hz 230-460 v

Model #: VKC6HP12CVVN385C03
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