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Container Pumps

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Container pumps are ideal for transferring low-viscosity, highly corrosive and highly flammable liquids in and out of containers such as drums and other vessels. Container pumps prevent the mixture of liquids, and there in no wear on seals. Container pumps are also best for use on high-grade liquids, such as those found in the cosmetics and perfume industries. Best yet, container pumps efficiently empty containers, leaving very little, if any, fluid remaining.

Drum and Container Pumps: Long-Lasting and Efficient Pumps

Most container pumps are stainless steel, which is tested and certified for years of use. Container pumps offer a long-life with extended service for many applications. These energy-efficient and portable container pumps can be used to transfer thin liquids to and from any type of container. These pumps are versatile with the ability to operate by different methods, and container pumps are easy to clean and maintain.



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