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Magnetic Drive Pumps

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Magnetic drive pumps are used for many applications including filtering, washing, plating, spraying and etching, among others. Magnetic drive pumps offer an enhanced capability to withstand cavitations and running against a closed discharge valve. Specifically, magnetic drive pumps are engineered to meet the harshest environment conditions. These pumps are designed for an overall improved efficiency.

Magnetic Drive Centrifugal Pumps: Efficiency for Many Applications

Magnetic drive pumps can handle corrosive and high viscosity fluids such as acids, adhesives, chemical, concretes, hazardous materials, oils, gasoline, saltwater, groundwater and wastewater. For high viscosity and high temperature fluids, magnetic drive pumps are ideal. These pumps are easy to install and offer a reduction in wear even when handling corrosive and volatile liquids. Browse our inventory of Iwaki mag drive pumps today.



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