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Triplex Plunger Pumps

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Triplex plunger pumps are low-maintenance solutions for high-pressure applications such as car washes, CO2 and foam firefighting and chemical and oil processing. Triplex plunger pumps are energy-efficient and dependable for years and years of superior performance. Triplex plunger pumps can have a consistent output of .25 to 240 GPM at pressures ranging from 100-7,000 PSI, depending on application requirements.

Triplex Plunger Pumps: Optimum Performance for High-Pressure Applications

Triplex plunger pumps feature heavy-duty construction and are designed for durability to stand up in demanding environments. The corrosion-resistant pumps offer optimum performance in many high-pressure applications. Browse our selection of triplex plunger pumps from CAT and Hypro to find the products suitable for your applications.

Cat 230 3FR Triplex Pump (Brass) - High-Pressure Ceramic Plunger Pump, 2.3 GPM,1500 PSI,1725 RPM,D-End,BB/S-Valves

Model #: 230
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Cat 237 3FR7 Plunger Pump - Ceramic (Nickel Aluminum Bronze), 2.3 GPM,1500 PSI, 1725 RPM, D-End, NAB/SS-Valves

Model #: 237
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Cat 241 3FR1 (stainless steel) High-Pressure Industrial Ceramic Plunger Pump - Triplex, 3.6 GPM,1200 PSI,1725 RPM,D-End,SS-Liquid-End

Model #: 241
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Cat 271 3FR1 (Stainless Steel) Industrial Triplex Ceramic Plunger Pump, 3.5 GPM,1500 PSI,1420 RPM,D-End,SS-Liquid-End

Model #: 271
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Cat Pump 310 5FR (Brass/Chrome Plated) Cat Ceramic Plunger Pump, 4.0 GPM,2200 PSI,950 RPM or 5.0 GPM,1500 PSI,1190 RPM,D-End,BBCP/S-Valves

Model #: 310
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Cat 347 5FR7 (Nickel Aluminum Bronze) Ceramic Plunger Pump, 4.0 GPM,1800 PSI,1725 RPM,S-End,NAB/SS-Valves

Model #: 347
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Cat Pump 550 7FR (Brass/Chrome Plated) Ceramic Plunger Pump, 5.0 GPM,3000 PSI,1415 RPM,D-End,BBCP/S-Valves

Model #: 550
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Cat Pump 56 7FR (Forged Brass) Ceramic High Pressure Triplex Pump, 5.5 GPM,3500 PSI,1210 RPM or 6.0 GPM, 3000 PSI,1320 RPM,S-End,FBB/S-Valves

Model #: 56
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Cat Pump 660 15FR (Nickel Aluminum Bronze) Triplex Ceramic Plunger Pump, 10 GPM,3000 PSI,1429 RPM,NAB/S-Valves

Model #: 660
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Cat Pump 3CP1120 (High Pressure Triplex Plunger Pump) Pressure Range 100 to 2200 psi RPM 1725 rpm FBB/S-Valves

Model #: 3CP1120
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Pressure Range 100 to 2200 psi RPM 1725 FBB/S-Valves, HT-HPS

Model #: 3CP1120.3
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Pressure Range 100 to 2200 psi RPM 1725 rpm FBB/S-Valves. HT-HPS, ST-LPS

Model #: 3CP1120.3400
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